Beestations for the Garden, Janey Lee Grace and a very rewarding Mother’s Day

The last episode of the most recent “Human Planet” series on BBC was just remarkable, it made me realise just how essential the preservation of bees are to our continued existence.  The aerial views of New York with literally hundreds of bee hives on roof terraces was just wonderful.  The whole movement to keep bees was attributable to just one amazing man and it has made me want to keep bees myself.  In yesterday’s Observer newspaper was an article about Jamie Hutchinson who has produced a little Bee Station which can sit in flower beds and provide “a bee re-fuelling and nest site”, so here is his website:

Magniwool has been given its own website and brochure now; this unique underblanket incorporating magnetic technology is gaining quite a following and it has just had a little boost after an endorsement by Janey Lee Grace.  Again, a link to her website follows and it has details of an offer relating to Magniwool…

This year Mothering Sunday was really rewarding- although it entailed driving all the way to Kent and back, to see my mother have so much enjoyment seeing her eldest grandson was an absolute pleasure.  Now that he is away at university these occasions are few and far between but we all helped her apply for some tickets for next year’s Olympics.  Quite how the older generation can be expected to wade their way through these websites remains one of my bugbears.  Never mind, with lots of youngsters to hand, we all egged each other on and got very excited planning tickets for Diving, Athletics, Mountain Biking and Dressage….

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