Back to school (or more precisely Book Club) with a Kindle!

Last night my Book Club resumed business again after a few months of inactivity- I decided last week that I was so ashamed that I still hadn’t read the required book (The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys) that there was little alternative but to invest in a Kindle.  I just couldn’t bring myself to start a “new term” of Book Club whingeing that I hadn’t read the book, or asking to borrow it from someone else, so a Kindle it had to be.   Anyway, as usual, Amazon exceeded expectation and delivered the little piece of wizardry the very next day.  What a huge success!  This fabulous device has infinite possibilities for book-worms; no longer will I be scavenging around searching for books to read and annoying the rest of the family ….  I had thought it would be hard to adapt to a screen rather than pages, but please be reassured, dear reader, it is not and if a fifty year old can tackle something like this, anyone can!

Thank you to all those kind customers and visitors to our site that have taken the time to enter “Wellington’s caption competition” – with less than 2 weeks to go before the end of the competition, we welcome as many suggestions and entries as possible.

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