Back to full health after a rigmarole at the Vets

As some of you know, Olly is a gorgeous Siamese cat who was my 50th birthday present, and he joined the household about 2 months ago- he is featuring on this particular blog because ….

On Monday morning he seemed to be spluttering- it wasn’t often and it wasn’t bad but it seemed as if something had got caught in his throat. Off we trotted to the vets and we all agreed that he needed keeping any eye on and IF there was something that couldn’t be got out easily, he would have to go off to Dursley for specialist endoscopy….. £ signs started to flash …. and we would come back on Tuesday.

By Tuesday the spluttering had become coughing, almost as if whatever it was had travelled a bit further down so we booked him in for surgery on Wednesday morning. Later on Tuesday I found a chewed up cockerel feather, just the sort of thing that might have gone down the wrong way. We rolled up for surgery today and all agreed that the spluttering was a bit odd, but perhaps it was better to just have him at the vets for the morning and see what the general consensus of opinion might be. I collected him at lunch time and booked him in for a definite examination Thursday morning, with the unsettling knowledge that if it was complicated, he would have to go for more specialist help…. £ signs again!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he sat in the kitchen this evening and had a really bad coughing fit, he was pawing at his nose and getting desperate. Chris, our eagle-eyed middle son, spotted a tiny something coming out of his nose- we decided between us we would start to pull gently and eventually out came …. an enormously long piece of grass! As long as about 6″ it had got stuck up his nose and down his throat, no wonder the poor cat was struggling- wow, I am overjoyed- it looks like we have saved ourselves hundreds of pounds ! “Great success” as the boys would say (in a Borat accent!). Best of all, we have Olly back to full health and terrorising the household – just what he does best …

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