Baby Bantam Bulletin and misleading eco-friendly claims by 50% of hotels and B & Bs

Despite our very best efforts, the little bantam chick mentioned in the last blog post, did not survive- we did our best, but it was not to be. A mother’s presence is definitely preferable- we now have a total of 8 thriving little chicks shared between two separate hens and the difference in their characters is fascinating! The Friesan bantam is a natural mother- calm, dependable and a quiet presence. The other hen, a Golden Appenzeller (see photo) is a bit uppity, always fidgeting, slightly on edge and fiercely protective (we have to wear gloves to go anywhere near her!). We just have to wait and see who produces the most well-balanced offspring!

It was interesting to read this week that “half of hotels mislead guests with eco-friendly claims”. According to the Green Tourism Business Scheme, more than 50% of hotels, B & Bs and guesthouses use misleading terms such as “locally sourced” to describe goods bought at a nearby supermarket to boost their credentials. Other top claims are “low energy” for using low voltage light bulbs and using “recylclable” instead of “recycled” products. About a year ago we approached a very upmarket premium hotel group and were completely horrified to find that they were prepared to spend no more than £15 on each duvet in their hotel beds. As a chain of hotels advertising luxury and exclusivity, it seemed to us that they were neglecting what guests are most seeking- a comfortable and wonderful nights sleep. Certainly good and restful sleep seems to come pretty near the bottom of the pecking order in terms of priority for many establishments.

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