Another visit to the vets, pet bed for guinea pigs and Hus & Hem in Ledbury

Well, Monday morning got off to a bad start with an emergency dash to the vets with Bella who is rapidly gaining a bit of a local reputation for badger encounters! Bella is an extremely typical example of a Jack Russell who thinks she is a Great Dane. She is tiny but incredibly wilful and thoroughly disobedient. If she could go off hunting all day, she would and despite having to have her jaw wired up after a badger exploit a year ago, as of today she is now minus an eye tooth and looking a bit less beautiful. This is one of the consequences of having a pair of Jack Russells together- don’t ever do it, would be my advice, if asked!

We can now add guinea pigs to our list of happy customers– I don’t think we have ever sold anything to guinea pigs before, but a little red pet bed is on its way to a pair of them living up in Scotland and we are looking forward to some family photos …

Sally and I packed up our wares and had a stall at a local charity event in Ledbury last Thursday. We had a spare half hour before it all started so we mooched around Ledbury and visited a gorgeous Scandanavian shop called Hus & Hem , full of lovely stylish things (Jill, I want that orange blanket, but I have been told by my co-director I can’t have it!) and I bought a really endearing little sheep to grace our stall. We had at least two people asking if they could buy him at the Charity Event and I had say absolutely not, I have only just got him myself. Made in Germany, he has a cute quizzical expression and he has now found a special little spot in the office. Perhaps we should consider having some for sale ourselves ….

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