Anniversary Month, White Cloud News & life with three boys

May is our anniversary month- we started White Cloud in May 2005 and to celebrate we have decided to mark the beginning of our sixth year by giving away six £25 Vouchers to six customers who purchase in May. We have also enjoyed running a Wedding List for two of our customers- it has been fun to do and it is definitely something we would like to do more of in the future-

This past month has seen a lot of preparation work towards our big re-branding project. Within three months we hope to start sending all the duvets out in White Cloud boxes and all of the pillows will also have White Cloud calico presentation bags. Tying this up so that manufacturing and the departure of containers from NZ happens at the same time has been challenging and worrying!

A big photography session is now completed and a selection will be included on the bigger and better website that is currently being incubated. A new brochure will be needed by the end of this year and we will be breaking with our current sized catalogue and choosing a smaller, squarer format which will include all the new photos and include the rebranding. Wow! So much to think about and so much opportunity for things to get overlooked… In between all of this we are discussing how to best present the duvets and they will have contents labels but a fairly small, fairly simple task has become a marathon in terms of design, whether to use our Zapfino font or not and which colours to choose. In many ways the design of the outer box has been the easy bit!

In between we have our three boys all facing big exams; one at the end of his first year at Uni, the second about to do A Levels and leave school and our youngest doing some GCSE papers early. In many ways these hard working boys have had to bring themselves up over the past five years and we are immensely proud of them for managing to do this whilst their Mum and Dad have had to concentrate their time and effort on establishing a business.

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