All in a week’s work

Running your own business is never dull! During the past week we have discussed what will provide as give-away gifts at The Deco Affair in London on 14th October. Good thing we decided on small square pouches of wool filled with aromatic sachets as I now realise that 11th-17th October has been designated Wool Week! It will be good to have some representation at an event that will showcase small and special companies to interested designers and decorators.

Last weekend we were invited to supply a cosy wool underblanket and some wool pillows at very short notice to a very special local historic house. There was a meeting of Trustees and one elderly lady refused to stay unless something was done to improve her bed! We suggested what we thought would help and then hand delivered the underblanket and pillows. We all agreed that nothing would be said to the lady in question but it would remain a lovely and unexpected surprise for Saturday evening. It seems it was a huge success and very favourably received. Opportunities to exceed expectation are always worth taking!

Hurray! We have had confirmation from our French trade customers that our products have passed their strict fire testing and it means that from this week, starting with pillows, they will be launched in five of their shops. We have devoted a lot of time to attention and detail; this has included developing small labels in French to be attached to the pillows and we are enjoying seeing this particular relationship come to fruition.

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