A Swaledale Ram (in answer to the previous Blog question)

In answer to the question posed in the last Blog – “What is the Regimental Mascot of The Mercian Regiment?” here is the answer:  A Swaledale Ram and, for a bonus point, he is usually chosen from The Chatsworth Estate.

I am flattered to have been asked if we would consider being a case study for  The Big Curry – it seems to me we are only a very small part of something much more significant, but having organised a Big Curry for 4 or 5 years now, I suppose we probably do have some tips that might be helpful for others.  I am definitely happy to propose sharing our Lime Mousse recipe because it is something we make every year for The Big Curry and it has become a bit of a set piece that everyone now expects!

On a lovely sunny April morning, it is a case of heads down and concentrating on the new White Cloud product guide.  I really enjoy seeing the first draft of something that has been handed on to a design team because it arrives as a completely fresh proposal which makes it much easier to critique.  All congratulations to Clare and her team, they always do a great job for us.

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