A natural solution for children suffering from allergies

Demand for allergy bedding could rise earlier than normal this year, and hayfever predicted to be particularly bad from mid-April.
Jean Emberlin, Professor at the National Pollen & Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University was interviewed by the Daily Express earlier this year and said “we are expecting a high production of birch pollen this year due to natural biological rhythms. Birch pollen levels are not always high, so many people may not realise they are suffering from hayfever, and think they have a cold”.
Recent research by Mintel has shown that one in 20 people in the UK use special allergy bedding, with an astonishing 44% suffering from one or more allergy.

Here at White Cloud we have been busy working on and developing a Junior range because not only have we found that parents want to buy quality bedding for their youngsters, but also because there is a discernible rise in incidences of children with allergies. Many allergies are attributable to the presence of the Dust Mite, more specifically the presence of its excretions.
Wool does not provide the damp humid conditions that allow the Dust Mite to flourish, which means that sleeping with wool filled bedding provides not only a natural solution, but an eco-friendly solution.

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