A level results, Student Finance rant and thank goodness for a holiday

A great result! Following on from our previous post, we are incredibly relieved to be able to say that our middle son achieved 3 As in his A levels. We got the news the day of my 50th birthday and were sitting in a cafe in Gloucester nervously awaiting a telephone call. When he rang to say what he had got, I have to admit I burst into tears- it was the most enormous relief. Interestingly the boys at his school seem to have done particularly well this year and nearly all of them achieved the results, and therefore the places, that they really wanted.

On the subject of university- we have been experiencing the unique joy that is Student Finance- our eldest son is already at Newcastle University and about to start his second year. Forms were filled in especially early (June) and we thought no more of it. Being a diligent sort of young man he rang to check up last week, only to find that a vital bit of info was missing and nothing had been progressed. I know this sounds like a rant, but how is the “customer” supposed to know there is a problem? It must be reaching the advanced age of 50 but I find myself getting easily infuriated and long for the “good old days” when customer service really did mean exactly that. Anyway, the long and short of it is that Sebastian is now part of the backlog and back at the bottom of the queue… aargh!!!

All in all, a holiday is a very welcome proposition and we are leaving tomorrow for a week together in Cornwall but whether three teenage boys will have got themselves ready in time remains to be seen!

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