A lesson in patience; both for making marmalade and maintaining a business

Last Sunday was spent having a lot of fun making Marmalade; thanks to a fantastic Mary Berry recipe (to be included in the next Blog post) the whole process was really very easy…  Her tip is to soak the Seville oranges overnight in an Aga, which means the next morning the peel is soft and easy to deal with, and everything scoops out beautifully.  I have never made Marmalade before, but I have to confess it was not as difficult as I was anticipating.  The only set back was an impatience on my part to boil at Setting Point for long enough, which did mean decanting and starting again but it was worth the effort.  Nothing like a lovely collection of jars with something homemade in them to make you feel pleased …

As regards White Cloud; this week has been busy- discussing and agreeing revisions for our Trade Customers, introducing Jacquie who will take on Trade Accounts and finalising the January Email Newsletter which is due to be sent out tomorrow.  We decided it was the perfect opportunity to clear the decks and offer some January bargains and these will be listed on the Special Offers Page tomorrow morning.

Like London buses, lots of Invoices seem to have arrived all at once; freight charges, purchase of Magnewools and the purchase of an enormous number of wool duvets.  One shipment now appears to be running behind schedule but the other, hallelujah, is due to arrive earlier than anticipated!   All of this pretty much encapsulates the highs and lows of running a business; not to mention the time it takes to shuffle stock around the place and keep everything running smoothly …. 

 “Have courage to face the big things and patience to deal with the small things” was a very encouraging quotation I heard on Radio 4 recently – I’m trying hard to put it into practise!

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