A fruitcage (at last!), A winning Hound Puppy & family health in general …

A weekend of much variety!  Saturday dawned bright and clear and saw a day of massive family productivity;  we had bought a huge fruit cage from a local friend and miraculously everyone seemed inclined to help in an Amish style construction/ build in one day…  with Chris on the mini digger eradicating nettles, Rupert helping Dad match up poles to joints and Bella (the Jack Russell) transfixed by the toad, the whole thing was a huge family success.  It means, at last, that the red currant and white currant bushes are protected from predatory birds and, even better, the bantams can live in there as well.  All was fine with the world until we set off to go out on Saturday night and Sue uttered the immortal words “hope the fox doesn’t get the chickens tonight”.  As all poultry owners know, the minute you vary your routine, you can be sure you will get a fox attack.  Fortunately everyone survived the night and seemed to be delighted with their surroundings this morning.

Much excitement on Saturday night – our collective family sponsoring of five hound puppies for Christmas paid off and “Magpie” won a prize and did us all proud.

Sunday morning – another clear and lovely day and a horrible 6.30am start to get Chris to Reading for 8.30am and the Half-Marathon.  The boy did good and got round within his target but Mum didn’t do quite so well; I tripped and fell on an uneven payment and twisted my ankle.  Foolishly I turned down offers of help from St John’s Ambulance and was then left wondering if I had fractured it when it looked like it had a tennis ball stuck on it 2 hours later!  Oh the agony!  Chris ended up taking lame old Mum into A & E but, thank the Lord, it was not fractured just a severe sprain that will take 2 weeks to recover.  So, both of us have ended up plastering ourselves with Arnica cream and joining Bella who has now started her own regime of remedial treatment (see the previous Blog!)

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