A close call with GCSE Chemistry and Magniwool developments

A frantic start to this morning; a chance look at the GCSE schedule revealed that the Chemistry exam started at 9.30am and not 1.30pm which is what we and Bodger Minimus had been planning for … I don’t know what made me look at the calendar but a very quick bit of breakfast and a mad dash to school ensued!

Just off to meet with the web developers, big plans afoot for Magniwool- it now has its own brochure and its own website, a completely separate schedule for both advertising and marketing and the strategy seems to be working.  A recent advert in The Lady has been very successful, it seems it is read as far afield as Madrid, and we have been very pleased with the response.  This morning Guy is discussing Magniwool for Pets with a large mail order retailer; magnet therapy can make a considerable difference to active or elderly pets and they seem to like sleeping on the wool – something must instinctively tell them that magents are beneficial….

On the subject of Magniwool, we have had a delightful correspondence with one lady in recently- she had invested in a very expensive Tempur mattress.  She then bought a Magniwool to help with aches and pains, and telephoned to say she was finding it all too hot.  Her natural temptation was to blame the Magniwool, but actually she has found that by ditching the Tempur mattress and just sleeping with the Magniwool all is now well.  Not only has the wool regulated her temperature but she is no longer taking Ibruprofen at night which we feel is the best result of all.

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