A case of “The Tortoise & The Hare” this week!

This has been a week of “making haste slowly” – we have been putting an inordinate amount of time and effort into changes and improvements to the www.whitecloud.co.uk website.   Starting with some sumptuous photography in August, we have been slowly gathering images, discussing text and pages and somehow, the more you look at a task like this, the worse it gets!  

On the other, more positive, hand- we will be launching a new “Little White Cloud” range for babies and youngsters, the white sheepskins we used to have will be making a come-back (now that we have refined which ones it is we actually want to have!), we will be including some gorgeous Cashmere/Wool blend pillows and gradually introducing a name change from Magniwool to Magnewool for the Magnetic Wool Underblankets. 

All of this has inevitably lead us to working on refining and defining our Trade Terms and Conditions for stockists which is yet another area that needed attention.  However, the good news is that as of this week, we now have Clare to help us follow up trade enquiries and build relationships with current stockists.  Guy’s recent visit to some potential trade customers in Scotland only served to highlight how difficult it is to be out and about but also following up effectively at the same time. 

So, as in the case of “The Tortoise and The Hare”, we’d like to think that all this background preparation work will pay off in the long run … not forgetting another task; that we need to share information more regularly with e-newsletters!

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