5 White Cloud reasons for choosing to sleep with wonderful wool

5  White Cloud reasons for choosing to sleep with wonderful wool (even if it is the worst summer on record!)

1.   Wool is an active fibre; reacting to changes in body temperature to keep you warm when you are cold but releasing heat and moisture when you are hot

2.  Wool is not known to cause allergy and does not promote the growth of bacteria

3.   Wool fibres have a natural protective layer which prevents stains from being absorbed; they also pick up less dust as they are static resistant

4.  Because wool is able to absorb moisture, it reduces the amount of sweat left on the body, therefore reducing the amount of odour produced

5.  Wool maintains appearance in the longer term – this reduces the need to replace and adds value to the product

Given that recent temperatures resemble something more than autumnal, this is a lovely sheep print that seemed appropriate to include!

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