20% discount on Merino Wool Underblankets

Last week we were asked if we would like to be considered for a feature by a magazine, focussing on female entrepreneurs in their fifties.  The business had to be less than 10 years old, but the most important criteria was to acknowledge help/advice/support from a fellow female connected with the business.  For us, Sue was/is the natural choice as she is an integral part of White Cloud and has been a mainstay from the very beginning which goes all the way back to February 2005.   A photo was requested for consideration, so we both preened ourselves for the occasion and posed near the blankets and sheepskins in the storeroom, trying to maintain our respectable middle-aged composure.  It must have worked, because now it seems we have been chosen and I will get my chance to put in writing just how much Sue matters and the part she plays….

White Cloud is currently offering a 20% discount on Merino Wool Underblankets, for anyone not in the know, these are the number one solution for warming up a bed which is especially important when night time temperatures are currently plunging below freezing!  A soft layer of New Zealand Merino wool, backed with padded cotton, fastens to the mattress and provides snug insulation all night, and, even better, all year round, whatever the ambient temperature…..

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