Benefits of Wool


  • Wool fibres regulate body temperature while you sleep because wool allows water molecules to move freely
  • Wool provides a natural defence against dust mites
  • Wool is naturally fire resistant
  • Sheep wool is naturally sustainable and renewable, its production does not involve unnecessary cruelty
  • Wool is a natural fibre
  • Wool provides a natural insulation for all seasons
  • Wool fibres naturally retain their original shape
  • Wool “breathes” which means it can adapt to each individuals body temperature
  • The process used for our products is unique

  • Provides a consistently good nights sleep at optimum temperature; minimum care maintenance because little or no perspiration
  • Excellent for asthma and allergy sufferers. Particularly good for children
  • Safe and suitable for everyone
  • Eco and animal friendly
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Lightness, warmth and comfort all year round
  • No more “plumping up” of your pillows or duvets
  • Perfect for couples with differing warmth requirements
  • No more restless nights, because the duvet will keep you at a perfect temperature
  • This gives higher insulation and warmth and makes the products we sell the warmest and lightest natural wool duvets and pillows in the world

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