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Natural NZ wool bedding products provide natural allergy relief

Our wide range of Bedding products include Allergy bedding and Allergy free bedding.

Many common allergies can be attributed to the presence of House Dust Mites. These are microscopic organisms that thrive in warm humid houses with plenty of food (human skin). Dust mites prefer to live in bedding and because we spend about a third of a day in bed we inhale large quantities of dust mite excretions. Duvets can contain up to 20,000 dust mites if not cleaned regularly! *

House Dust Mites allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to proteins in the excretion of Dust Mites. The protein attacks respiratory passages, causing hay fever, asthma, watering eyes and infantile eczema. Unlike pollen, Dust Mites are present all year round, causing constant allergy or perennial rhinitis.
Buy Natural NZ Wool Bedding products for Allergy Relief

We recommend using pure wool bedding for the following reasons:

1. Natural bacteria inhibiting properties within wool reduce the likelihood of Dust Mites and allergens.

2. Wool reduces the damp conditions that encourage dust mites.

We recommend airing your wool bedding regularly particularly on warm sunny days and, if necessary, dry cleaning.

“So far so good and there has been a great improvement in my husband’s hay fever which is absolutely great and we are certainly sleeping really well to date”!!


See what dust mite look like

Dust mites

Dust Mites – this is what they look like

*Tests conducted by the University of Worcester (July 2006) have found that a conventional duvet can contain up to 20,000 dust mites!

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