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Guy and Caroline Bodger, Directors and Founders of White CloudThe chance purchase of a wool filled duvet in New Zealand is the story behind our Company.

We took our three boys with us to New Zealand in 2000 and spent five years living and working in New Plymouth. During the hot summer months our eldest son had persistent insomnia and would spend many hours tossing, turning and overheating. We happened to buy him a wool duvet and were so impressed by the results that we slowly replaced all our feather duvets and began to consider creating a Company to import wool duvets to England.

The name of our Company is very important to us; we have long standing connections and a huge affection for New Zealand and worked hard to find a name that would not only promote New Zealand (“The land of the long white cloud”) but also promote the ethos of our business.

We select all of our products carefully and will only sell those that we personally like or use. We and our three sons adore New Zealand and would like to share something of its pioneering and inspiring character with those who choose to buy from us.

New Zealand is a land of magnificent mountains, rugged high country, lush green valleys, snow-fed rivers and clear blue lakes. It is also home to some of the best quality wools in the world.

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Guy and Caroline Bodger

PO Box 8, Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1WU. Tel: 01989 721010
VAT No: 866 3005 27
Registered Company No: 5418744

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