Little White Cloud

Designed with small babies and young children in mind, this unique natural wool baby bedding range has been specifically developed to suit their needs. Offering a comprehensive range of children’s Duvets, Pillows, Underblankets and Blankets, White Cloud recognises the importance of good sleep for the healthy development of young minds and bodies. All our wool duvets are recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers. White Cloud now offers a unique wool baby bedding range.  This baby bedding collection is Woolmark certified (a guarantee of authenticity, quality and good provenance) and all White Cloud Baby Bedding products are sourced from New Zealand.  The Little White Cloud Baby Bedding Range was developed in 2010 as a response to customers enquiring about baby bedding and it has been growing ever since.  Good and restful sleep is vital for good brain development in young children and wool baby bedding is a simple and natural solution.

What makes Little White Cloud special?

  • White Cloud baby Bedding provides superior natural temperature regulation
  • Wool offers natural resistance to dustmites; responsible for many allergies
  • White Cloud Baby Bedding wool has not been subjected to unnecessary chemical treatment
  • All White Cloud Baby Bedding duvets are Woolmark certified to ensure the quality and provenance of the wool
  • Although we recommend a lighter weight wool duvet for children, all duvet weights are available in Single Size

lambskins from White Cloud