Shopping opportunities with Achica, The Lady & Amazon

Lots of things seem to have come to fruition this week; we have been invited to offer products on Achica - this is an American business concept that is launching in the UK. Members sign up and join and are given exclusive access to regular offers from top brand names for a period of 48 hours only. We have suggested a selection of products and these will be made available to members in early October. I recommend signing up, there is nothing to lose and it is free!

We signed off a full page ad in The Lady magazine today- as you probably know, Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris) is the new editor and the magazine has undergone a huge update. It costs a very reasonable £1.80 and is printed weekly. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Lady, it has wonderful, varied and quirky ads combined with a lovely tempting selection of holiday cottages. The next issue is being sent to subscribers this Saturday and will be on shelves Tuesday 28th. We are offering readers 20% discount on Magniwool and 15% discount on other products. This particular offer will close on 29th October. Signing off the artwork was not without stress; the first time I saw the proposals was this morning and it all had to be agreed by 12.00 as it was going to print the same afternoon! Fortunately the gorgeous Bev was on hand to help deal with the complexities of finding images in the right format because computer wizardry is just not my thing …

This week has also seen the launch of Magniwool and some other products, especially blankets, on Amazon. White Cloud has a shop of its own and we decided to include lesser known items, such as the dog beds and the lovely skincare presentation boxes. The Intensive Cream, in particular, sells consistently well and it was a great delight to find 72 pots hidden, separated from the rest of their mates, in the store room.

Time to call it a day- yesterday involved driving up to Newcastle and back again! I took our eldest son back to University- he and 3 close friends are all sharing a house this year. Oh the joys of student accommodation… a distinctly grotty terraced house which was definitely not presented to its best advantage. Disgraceful really, given that they have all paid a deposit of £650 already. Never mind; 4 Army/RAF students fronting up to the landlord and the letting agent tomorrow could be interesting, as there is no way these young men will put up with being pushed around …

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